Ragazzo indiano di 13 anni assunto da Google a 1,25 milioni di dollari l’anno

13 year old Indian boy hired by Google at a package of 1.25 million dollar per annum. Just listen to the conversation, he is mind blowing

 His energy and enthusiasm are infectious. What a lovely young guy!
 He is a smart intelligent kid, like millions that have come before him over decades before companies like Google Executives became stupid and created an illusion that many kids can do this. This is the danger of the big Silicon Valley companies and their executives.
They are creating a myth and belief in millions that everyone can achieve this. They have no moral compass or it seems no understanding of their corrosive effect on the world. The world may well be betteroff without Google, its Board, Executives and Managers. They have no ability to see beyond their vested interests & myopic engineering of the world and the people in it.

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