Google is tracking you. Even when you’re in Airplane Mode

This is sort of a game changer. Phones are gathering intelligence even when not connected to data networks, no sim card and in Airplane Mode. They just keep scooping it up and the very moment they get any kind of connection that data is sent. This pretty much renders RFID bags less of a defense in some cases as there is still data being gathered that can identify you.

‘It Knows When I Got Out of the Car!’: Tucker’s Special Report on How Google’s Tracking You
Carlson sent Larson out and about to find out how much Google gleans from your cell phone, since many customers use Chrome or the Google Play Store or other applications. With no SIM card in either of two phones and one set on Airplane Mode, Larson took a black car around town. During that time, he was not connected to WiFi and only took photos at the cathedral.

Back at the Fox News Channel bureau, Larson hooked the phones up to a device that copied the data the phones sent to Google. He found it knew exactly where he was throughout the day. “It knows when I got out of the car!” he exclaimed, examining metadata in the report. He and Carlson discussed how complicated user agreements allow users to sign away their privacy “for nothing.”

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